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Botanica Rita

"Los Santos aconsejan... la decisión siempre estará en ti...

Thank You for visiting the Botanica Rita, the tri-state source for all your Santeria, Yoruba, Lucumi, Ifa, Ocha, Wiccan, Occult, New-Age and religious articles.

Who We Are...

Operating since 1997, we have supplied the tri-state with a huge selection of religious articles and supplies. Our inventory includes Saint Recipes, Orisha Tools, Tureen Pots, Spiritual Oils,Incense, Spiritual Baths, Pheromone perfumes, Stones, Pendulums, Evil Eye assortments, Religious Books ranging from Santeria to Wicca and much more religions. 

We have remained a Pillar in our community by providing excellent customer service and expertise in spirituality to make sure our customers receive the most warm and comfortable environment. Over 23 years of experience the Botanica Rita welcomes and respects all religions into our establishment. 

If you are looking for a Consultation/Spiritual Reading you can reach Danny (furun finda rompe monte insila insila batende en combo saca enpeno) at (973)777-3090.

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